The theme of this year’s Upstate NY regional Chabad on Campus Shabbaton 2017 is “Come One, Come All!” reflecting the Rebbe’s insight to the names of the two joined Torah portions of this week “Vayakhel-Pekudei” which symbolize the collective and the particular, the community and the individual. This was a big theme to the Rebbe and is a big inspiration to us at Chabad on Campus as well. 

To get a better picture of this theme, and what it means to us, browse through some of these articles below. The Vayakhel-Pekudei Parsha connection is best expressed in Moshe’s Bar-Mitzvah speech (2013) see video and text link below. 

A Korach Rashi and the Rebbe’s Waldo-esque Vision

Horton, the Rebbe’s Rambam, and Moshiach 

From Many Rocks One – Metamorphic Rocks in Jewish Campus Life

See the Video & Text from Moshe Rubin’s 2013 Bar-Mitzvah Speech on Vaykahel-Pekudei