In past years we did a few Gimmel Tammuz Rebbe Collections on including Gimmel Tammuz 2016, Gimmel Tammuz 2019 and also Gimmel Tammuz 2023 – (click on bold years for those links) including our own posts and things we’ve shared over the years and links to others. There’s some overlap between our collections but also unique pieces in each.

Here’s a few posts of recent Rebbe stories and inspiration we’ve recently heard – for Gimmel Tammuz 5784/2024:

Bidding for the Rosh Hashanah Aliya

Rebbe’s (Parenting) Advice for Bedwetting (& More)

Sicha Ends – absorbed on the Bleachers 

This isn’t a link, but this year 2023-2024 thanks to doing the daily #RashiToday tweets I (Mendel) have explored and discovered so many rich and beautiful “Rashi Sichos” where the Rebbe delves into, dissects and analyzes and explains Rashi’s Torah commentary and often with a meaningful life message and relevance at the end. It’s an area of Rebbe’s Torah that I haven’t explored as much before, and ought to collect some highlights from the tweets distilled from some of those teachings.