On the first night in the Sukkah 5776/2015 we shared this background to the sponsorship listed on the table-card.

13 years ago, on the first night of the Sukkot holiday, Dan E. walked into the Sukkah, it might have been his first time at Shabbos House. Mendel greeted him, asked for his hometown and major, and when he said accounting, Mendel introduced him to Rani K. and believe it or not, that began a wonderful friendship that continues today. They have long since graduated, both are working, both married, yet they continue cherish this anniversary, and try to celebrate Sukkot together every year. And they’ve sponsored this Sukkot meal for current UAlbany students in honor of this anniversary of friendship.

I’d like to add an interesting “small-world” footnote to this:

During his years as a college student, Rani often told me about a mentor he had growing up which he valued a great deal. He said this person had a great influence on him and helped him advance the way he did. By his wedding, he introduced me to this mentor, who was also an Albany alum, but we’ve never met earlier. And a few years after that, we know him well – he’s Grant H.’s father.

So many cliches come to mind. “It’s such a small world”, “What goes around, comes around” and many others. The interconnectedness is quite amazing. And empowering. Because you never know what friendships formed here will blossom for a lifetime, you never know what gesture or efforts extended for another will bear fruit and make a huge difference in their lives. And you never know how that may turn back around and reconnect or benefit you sometimes in the strangest and most unusual and unexpected ways.