This heartwarming letter was handwritten, and hand-delivered, so unique in today’s digitized world!

Dear Shabbos House,

I really miss you all! It’s interesting leaving Albany, because I realized its not Albany I miss, but the people I miss most. Shabbos House is at the top of that list. I loved coming over and sharing many laughs, smiles, warm feelings, happy thoughts and let’s not forget the amazing food.

The transition to moving back home was different because I have come back a changed person. You influenced my life in so many important ways. The changes you made are the ones I don’t believe you meant to teach. Watching you two as a couple, parents, family and leader in the community changed me. I had the pleasure of observing a happy marriage, a strong family and truly good and special people. I learned the value of supporting one’s idea, I learned the meaning of caring for people and welcoming all, I learned how amazing it feels to be included, I learned how family matters so much. I learned more and more from you that will be with me throughout my life.

Interning this year I was able to practice some of the lessons you indirectly taught and I thank you for that. Listening to you talk to each other, watching your teamwork, and seeing you care about everyone that walked through your door – was truly a blessing.

Thank you for being the family you are. The best lessons you taught are the ones where you were just being yourselves. I miss you all.