A. This wasn’t intended to be a serious interpretation of this food favorite, rather a light and humorous springboard into an important kabbalistical concept. Kabbalah and Chassidic Thought explore in depth: two distinct G-dly Lights or Revelations, used in the Creation of our world, one circular and infinite, one linear and finite.
By the way, Italy was home to many important Kabbalistical rabbis, one of whom was Rabbi Menachem Ezaria of Fano, 16th century author of many Kabbalistical writings based on the teachings of R’ Moshe Cordevero and the Arizal (Issac Luria) of Safed. The class I taught (during a meal of Raizy’s delicious meatballs) was based on a Chassidic elucidation of one of this Italian Rabbi’s writings.