A. (1) “Where there’s Coca-Cola, you’ll find Chabad Lubavitch”. The Rebbe encouraged and inspired his chassidim to take up posts, wherever Jews may be, even in difficult or faraway places. In many far-flung places or small Jewish communities, Chabad may be the only Jewish or only traditional presence. Chabad’s Mikvah in Alaska was “in the Jewish news” a lot a few years back. Also a Yeshiva friend of mine moved to somewhere deep in Siberia (the city’s name is from the “Risk” board) and recently built a Mikvah there.  (2) Jewish Family Purity Laws center around Mikvah (Ritual bath). The Rebbe particularly cherished the inner beauty of the Jewish family, and highlighted the importance of this Mitzvah and the encouragement of it. (3) Mikvah is important. The Talmud and Maimonides write it is among the first Jewish institutions to be built in a city. My father-in-law, who lived in Russia under the Communists, remembers hidden secret Mikvahs, behind false walls and under floors. An excellent book on Mikvah inspiration, shared from many different perspectives, is “Total Immersion” edited by Rivka Slonim.