A. Some people think so, but the Rebbe was a big advocate and pioneer for “one Mitzvah at a time.” Each Mitzvah has it’s own merit and spiritual value, so even doing one without another, is very OK. The Rebbe’s Mitzvah Campaign encouraged Jews to do single Mitzvos, without long term commitment and full-fledged observance. Each Mitzvah stands alone, for as Chassidus teaches: each Mitzvah is a spiritual connection, obviously the more the merrier, but each one is a unique spiritual connection with or without the rest. The Rebbe once said to a Rabbi Herbert Wiener, (Reform) author of “9 1/2 Mystics”, that compromised observance can be understandbale and acceptable. People do what they can. Not everyone is at the point that they are willing or able to observe everything. But “sanctifying the compromise” is a problem, for it says: all we have to do is this and no more, it is picking and choosing tradition, and leaves no room for future growth.