A. According to our historic tradition, from the time of Moses until the Rebuilding of the 2nd Temple, we enjoyed an era of Prophecy. (While this era did end, prophetic individuals and Jewish leaders throughout the generations are an important part of our tradition). So why did it stop? I tend to think of it like a Pacman (from my days or similar contemporary) game. Each level, a new scene opens, with new monsters, different challenges and a whole new playing field. It’s different than chess, which sticks with the same pieces – only getting more difficult as time goes on – other games actually have different settings. Though life is no game, G-d has a Master-Plan and Purpose for Creation, which is fulfilled through Man. In order to achieve various milestones and goals, different settings and challenges are created or are carefully developed, as well as the tools and means to do it. An era of prophecy has its very special advantages. But in the next level or stage, it may not be conducive to achieving Man’s Purpose, or G-d’s Goal. Perhaps our challenge is to find G-d with less Revelation. Like in our own lives. Youth is beautiful, but when you mature it’s no longer ideal to have no responsibility. Each time, each era, has its specific purpose.