A. You showed me this in the prayerbook “G-d do not rebuke me in Your anger, nor chastise me in Your rage.” That verse is from Psalms 6:1.

Yes, you are right that anger is a very unhealthy emotional response, in fact the Talmud compares anger to idolatry. Maimonides says that moderation and the middle road is generally ideal, and every emotional attribute has its time and place, but he lists two exceptions: arrogance and anger.

In Hebrew there are different words for anger. There’s a big difference between “Charof Ahf” (the words used here in Psalm 6:1 and in other biblical expressions of G-d’s anger) and “Kaahs” which is more common in Modern Hebrew. Charon-Ahf is more like moral or righteous indignation, which means you can be very upset or disappointed but without the loss of control and rationale that comes with anger. Indignation is much more focused on a behavior while anger is usually directed to a person.