A. You can’t really cook Kosher and non-Kosher in the same kitchen (there are some arrangements that may be possible, but would significantly limit one of your cooking). Unless you keep to Kosher rules – the Kitchen equipment won’t be Kosher anymore when he/she uses it. For starters: All Meat (includes chicken) and Milk (includes butter, cheeses etc) ingredients and utensils are kept separate, and never cooked or washed together in the sink. Equipment must be separate for meat and dairy, and of course for non-kosher. All ingredients have to have a Kosher Symbol on them (OU, OK, Star-K, Kof-K, and others) especially meats, but also many ordinary products. Even 100% beef may be 100% non-kosher if it was not slaughtered, or salted, or prepared properly. This is just the tip of the iceberg on Kosher. Call and we’ll go through this further. Also there are many levels in Kosher observance, talk this through with your housemate and see what he/she would consider acceptable. If all you’re using is the fridge (not a kosher problem) or microwave, that may be a different story, but let’s not call that a kitchen. You have to have separate equipment and utensils – i.e. your own mini-kitchen – for this to work, and even then you really need to be careful and you need their understanding and cooperation. Obviously, there are varying levels with people’s Kosher observance, so all this would have to be discussed individually with your housemate, but the above is standard procedure, people may do more or less.