A. Wish you could hook up with a nearby Seder, see Chabad.org – there are Chabad Seders all over the world even in some remote locations. Let us know if you need our help with that. But if there”s nothing around, you really can’t and you don’t have much time – here’s the bare-bone basics: After nightfall on the night of the Seder, recline as you (1) eat (at least) 2oz of Matzah, (2) drink 4 cups of Kosher wine or grape-juice, and also be sure to (3) say a little something about G-d taking us out of Egypt back then, and its continued relevance today. If you have some (4) romaine lettuce for the bitter herb, that’s even better. Obviously the more you can say of the Haggadah, and celebrate with others – the better, but this is the very basic obligation. A Big Mitzvah, and memorable annual celebration, don’t miss it!