A. This is not an endorsement of either party, only an historical observation (nothing religious about this question). The trend is slowly decreasing, it used to be this way because of several reasons. (1) Jews love social issues (civil liberties included), and often believe societal concerns and charities are not a kindness but a justice. (2) It was also for many years easier for Jews to get involved in the Democratic party, as there are less barriers for entry. Even today, most elected Jewish officials are Democrats. (3) Many Jewish communities were established in large urban centers, so in order for them to be able to influence the local primaries they needed to register Democrat. (4) Many of the early (early 1900’s) active Jews in US politics had labor/socialist leanings, as they came from Eastern Europe. Democrats supported government benefits for immigrants, and the poor working class. Today some of the religious communities in NY support Republican platforms, which include school vouchers, aid to parochial schools, strong support for Israel, family friendly issues, and a strong stance against crime.