A. There’s something I think is no good for all of us, not only Jews. Because American education has gradually removed any mention of G-d from the picture (although the Declaration of Independence* does feature G-d prominently) there can be children brought up thinking that there are no absolute morals and right and wrong, only what society tolerates at the time. What you do or don’t do doesn’t really matter – what matters is when you get caught, or when it affects someone else. This type of selfish or self-centered thinking doesn’t exactly encourage personal morality.

Besides, of course, the challenges that freedom, tolerance and acceptance bring to observant Jewish life and Jewish identity, since America makes it so much easier to assimilate into a giant melting pot that dimishes or erases our unqiue identity. But these challenges are blessings, and we don’t want to change freedom or tolerance, as they are tremednous blessings. All we can hope to change is our response to it in terms of our religious identity and observance.

* I wrote Constitution earlier, and stand corrected by Gordon Posner Esq: G-d is not mentioned in the Constitution, though it remains on our currency, despite efforts to change it.