A. For starters here’s a few quotes:
(1) “Those who study AS a child are compared to ink written on fresh paper” – Avot 5:20 (2) “For Israel is young, therefore I love him” – Hosea 11:1 (3) “The studies in our youth” (make more far reaching impressions) Talmud Shabbat 21b (4) The Medrash relates: At Sinai G-d demanded a Guarantor that the Jews would keep the Torah. He rejected all the offers by the Jews of the forefathers, prophets, scholars and elders, until the Jews said that our children will guarantee the future of Torah  (5) “From the mouths of babes” Psalms 8:3 (6) “Rejoice in your youth” Eccl. 11:10.

The Rebbe was big on youth, here’s a few video clips that show up when searching for “youth” on the Rebbe’s video archive. Give a few a listen.