A. Just for “station-indentification” purposes, I am a Lubavitcher Chassid. We don’t have long curls (though we have full beards) and although we share basic elements and history of Chassidism with other Chassidic groups, we differ in many significant ways…  But back to the side-curls. They never cut their side-curls as they interpret the verse which forbids us to shave off the “corners of our head” in the strictest sense. Most other observant Jews just leave a bit in front of each ear. Some have longer side-curls which are rolled up and tucked away behind the ear. (And, FYI not all Jews with long curls throw stones at other Jews on Shabbat or protest the State of Israel. Few do that). BTW – this Mitzvah got easier, a little bit of a sideburns is now in style.