The direct link to contribute and be part of this campaign is 

Every dollar is tripled. No cards are charged unless we reach our goal. This is Shabbos House’s largest annual fundraiser. Every gift counts! 

This link and campaign is live from 1:00pm on Wednesday Dec 18, 2019 to 1:00pm on Thursday, December 19. 24-hours, it’s all-or-nothing.

See below for more on this crowdfunding campaign, how it works, why this theme, and what this does for Shabbos House.

As of this writing at 8:40pm we’re at 98% and alumni bonus matchers are committed to the triple match for a bonus round up to $105K by 1:00pm tomorrow! 



It’s our 5th annual online crowdfunding matching campaign using the reputable secure platform. Every dollar will be matched 2X times, tripling your gift! $36 = $108, $50 = $150, $100 = $300, $180 = $540, $360 = $1080 etc.

The direct secure link to contribute is 

It’s an all-or-nothing campaign, only 24-hours to do it. If the goal isn’t reached, your card won’t be charged. With everyone’s support at different levels, we hope to surpass this goal as we did in years past. This year’s base goal is $75K. Every contribution matters and will make it happen!

People who feel more comfortable contributing via Paypal can do so (using our email: mail @ or via this Shabbos House Paypal link) and if its within this same 24 hour period, your contributions can be entered on Charidy’s platform and count towards the triple-match and help us reach the goal. 

Important note: It’s not only about big gifts (as incredibly helpful as they are). Every gift matters and goes a long way. Every dollar contributed on this day is tripled. Plus, it is very helpful to Shabbos House in other ways that we have a higher total number of contributors. So please take part at any giving level! 

Once we reach the $75K, there are alumni matchers who have now committed an additional $20K if an additional $10K is raised by the end of the 24 hours for a total of $105K in this campaign – very, very helpful to Shabbos House! 



UAlbany’s new branding is “Unleash Greatness” (you see that tag-line and the big new bold arrow symbol all over campus now) and as our campaign is just before Chanukah this year, we’re going with an “Unleash Brightness!” theme. Indeed, a little light goes a long way, and with your help we’ll keep increasing the light!

As Chassidic teaching emphasizes, there’s boundless resources of light within each of us. We hope that our work at Shabbos House, the environment and programming and connections made here, help students unleash more of their inner light, brightening our community and indeed, the world around us. 


Many thanks to our matchers! This campaign is only possible thanks to the alumni, parents and friends of Shabbos House who contributed or pledged larger amounts to enable the triple-match of all donations made in this 24-hour period. We also have some alumni who expressed interest in being bonus matchers should we reach our initial goal of 75K by evening-time, so we can potentially go up to 85K or maybe even 90K as we have in some years past. 

Our 2019 matchers represent alumni, parents, faculty and friends supporters of Shabbos House: 

Ilya and Anna Berman, Carl Bloomberg, Dr. Arthur and Nanette Brenner, Josh and Faith Fisch, Daniel Jacobowitz, Sam Jacobowitz, Adam & Stefanie Kris, Brad and Maital Legum, Shmuel and Sara, Arie & Sara Lipnick, Norman and Micki Massry, Arie and Chana Paller, Abe and Ariella Sedgh, Ronn Torossian/5WPR, Amy & Jesse Weinstock

Once we reach the $75K, there are alumni matchers who have now committed an additional $20K if an additional $10K is raised by the end of the 24 hours for a total of $105K in this campaign – very, very helpful to Shabbos House! 



This is the miracle and beauty of Shabbos House all year ’round, fundraising or otherwise. It’s people pitching in, everyone contributing in some way, a grassroots effort where everyone is involved and appreciated.

Now in its 5th year, our 24-hour crowdfunding matching campaign is our single largest fundraiser of the year and goes a long way to help make Shabbos House possible. It allows and encourages gifts of all sizes and donors of all levels to take part, feel invested and make a big difference. 

Shabbos House is only possible thanks to the support of alumni, parents and friends. While there’s grants and support from the Shabbos House Lchaim UAlbany student group and Chabad on Campus and the local Jewish Federation and other sources, the vast majority of funding (75% or more) comes from direct support of alumni, parents and friends. There’s no other way this happens! You all make Shabbos House possible!