The summertime raffle is back on again for 2018! This is at no cost to Shabbos House and any tickets you purchase via this link goes directly to fund Shabbos House programming for summer and Fall semester of 2018. 

It certainly is a Mitzvah, and you may also have a chance to win a prize, too!

Please note, that when purchasing tickets you first (1) choose from a drop-down list your desired number of tickets, (2) fill out your info and payment info, and (3) after clicking PURCHASE, you must also click CONFIRM on the next screen – otherwise your card will not be charged and your ticket and Mitzvah won’t go through.

Thanks very much for your support of Shabbos House, by “pledging Jewish!” through this Grand Draw! 

I’m working on a little thought on the two-step process of PURCHASE and then CONFIRM. It complicated things for some people, no doubt it is a reassurance for others, perhaps there’s a good Torah/life message in it for everyone. Stay tuned!