2:00-4:00pm – Check-In for Shabbaton
Registration, Welcome Bag and Housing Assignments
Drivers pick up Parking Sticker and Instructions
Erev Shabbos Food 

5:00 Candle-Lighting & Mincha
Womens Shabbat candlelighting ceremony upstairs (2nd floor above lobby) led by Goldie Ohana (Binghamton), in the Library while Mincha Prayer will be in the Main Room

5:30-6:00pm “Greet and Move One Over”
Sit down at the far long table near “Shabbos House” sign. You have 1 minute with the random person across you. Every 60 seconds everyone shifts one seat over counter-clockwise.

6:00pm Kabalat Shabbat Prayer
Mechitzas will be set up between the Shabbos Tables to allow for the Shabbat Prayer Service, while seated at the tables already set for Shabbat dinner. Let’s make it lively!

7:00pm Shabbos Dinner
Kiddush, Challah, a Fish & Salad Course, Soup and Main Course, sitting with those at your table, surrounded by Jewish students from 8 college campuses, as one Shabbaton!

7:45pm (approx) Hard Charlie’s Talk
Listen up for his engaging talk “Hip-Hop-Shabbat!” during dinner.

Bentsching (Grace after Meals) and Desserts

9:15pm Farbrengen Perspective – Main Room near Ark
Songs, stories, inspiration with a kaleidoscope of inputs.

9:15pm Workshop with HardCharlie
Upstairs in Library above Lobby: “Overcoming Anxiety & Depression using Sefirot”

Game Lounge Downstairs – all Shabbos
Want to chill, hangout, enjoy lighter times? head downstairs to the basement to enjoy a bunch of games – and friends.


8:00am Tehillim
Customary to say extra or all Psalms on Shabbos before Rosh Chodesh

9:30am Breakfast & Study
Pre-Prayer inspirational study with Rabbi Shmuli Lieberman on “Perspective Shift Over Obstacles”. Breakfast will include cereals, coffee, cakes, fruit and yogurt.

10:00am Shacharit Minyan
Torah Reading is a Mishpatim (lots of Jewish civil law) with the bonus seasonal Torah reading of Shekalim (re: half-shekels).
Aliyot Intros by Rabbi Shmuly Rubin, Union College

12:30pm Shabbat Lunch
Look for songs or stories and regards from each campus!

Basement Game Lounge and the Lobby Nosh Bar
will be open all Shabbos afternoon after Shabbat lunch.

2:15-3:00pm Workshop Set #1:

A) HardCharlie on “How to Live Life Unhappily”
Main Room near Ark.

B) “How Well Do You Know Your Rebbetzin?”
Library Upstairs, a quick “sisters game” followed by Q&A and discussion

3:05-3:50 Workshop Set #2:

4 TED-style Talks by Students – Main Room near Ark

10 minutes each, with quick transitions:

“A Stroke of Strength” Tami Gitlin, UAlbany

“The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth” Simcha Brodsky, Rockland

“Balancing Business & Judaism – Amanda Poznyakov, Brooklyn College

“Power of a Positive Mindset” Rebecca Weiner, UAlbany

4:00-4:50 Workshop Set #3:

A) HardCharlie on “Building Healthy Relationships”
Main Room near Ark

B) Crossfire, brief Q&A with Campus Rabbis
Upstairs in Library above Lobby

5:00 – Mincha

5:15 Light Dinner & Game
And over light dinner…

A Niggun (melody) or Two—taught and led by Rabbi Moshe Raichik, Brooklyn College
A Game of Charades—led by Rabbi Dov Oliver, RCC

6:19 End of Shabbat and Maariv


Stretch, Change – as we get ready for


8pm get your tshirt, make Besamim bags
8:15pm HardCharlie Hip-Hop Havdalah Prelude
8:30pm Musical Havdalah

Followed by our “Sat Night on a Roll”, including:
Mendel’s Palace, the Half-Shekel (no-cash) Casino
Paint Your Part of a Tape Mural
DIY Tie-Dye Tshirts
DIY Mezuzah Covers
DIY Lip Balm
DIY Hebrew Name Bracelets
Your Name in Calligraphy by Noah
Mr. Fuji Kosher Sushi
Felafel Buffet
Ice Cream Sundaes
Picture Yourselves Photo Station



10am Minyan and Farewell Brunch