Purim 2020 falls just before the start of Spring Break at UAlbany, so we have opportunity to celebrate together!

Our main Purim event is the Purim Carnival in the Campus Center Ballroom, Monday night, March 9th 7:15-10pm. But we also have Hamantasch Baking, a Purim Day Meal, tabling on campus, a morning Minyan and more – so see schedule below for the full Purim deal.

SAT NIGHT 3/7 Hamantasch Baking Cafe
This is the night we spring forward and change the clocks, but before we do…. we’ll have our new Keurig setup for fresh brew and some Hamantasch doughs and a bunch of fillings to fill and bake your own. Stop by for a bit or hang out. (It’s also our kids Pizza Night at the Maimonides School, their last for the season with homestyle pizza and sushi, dine-in or take-out).

PURIM NIGHT – MONDAY, 3/9 Megillah, Masquerade and Carnival
Megillah Reading is called for 7:15pm followed by a break-fast (for those fasting the Fast of Esther), a Masquerade Contest (nice if you come in costume!) and lots of Carnival fun: wrecking-ball bounce, velcro-wall bounce, and a basketball shooting bounce, there will be a photo-booth with props and printouts, several activity booths, and two talented caricature artists! All free and all are welcome to enjoy the fun Purim spirit…

PURIM DAY – TUESDAY MORNING 3/10 Purim Morning Minyan
It’s Jonah’s Bar-Mitzvah anniversary reading so we’d really like to get a Minyan together. 8:45am Shacharit, with Torah reading and Megillah and even Purim Pancakes and Brunch at Shabbos House. Tefillin has a Purim connection, too! 

– Look for the Lchaim Purim Table in the LC’s, purim packages, Purim Mitzvot and more. Weather-permitting we may have the Mitzvah-bike circling campus, too. 
– Orly and Kehilah are leading a Megillah service in Room 375 2-3pm on Purim afternoon.

6pm Megillah (we’re supposed to hear it once at night, and once again during the day) followed by a 7pm festive Purim Meal at Shabbos House with good food, inspiration, warmth and lively spirit! 

Purim is a very joyous holiday! It may be midterms for you but try to squeeze in some good fun Purim celebration when you can. It’s good for the Jewish soul – and the body enjoys it, too! 

Please note there are 4 Mitzvot of Purim:
1) Megillah: Hear the Megillah read, once at night and once again during the day
2) Mishloach Manot: Give at least one friend two items of food 
3) Matanot L’Evoyinim: charity to the poor, online or in person or via a Rabbi or org
4) Mishteh: a festive joyous holiday meal

Plus all the fun customs of Purim: costumes, graggers, light merriment and more. 

See much more Purim info – readings, study, how-to’s, stories and more at www.Chabad.org/Purim