Many students will be going home for the Seders this year, especially as it falls on a weekend. The first Seder will be Friday Night 4/15, the second Seder on Sat Night 4/16. But some students will be up here at UAlbany for the Seders, and certainly for the rest of Passover.

(1) full Seder experiences (2) abridged 1-hour Seder-within-a-Seder options (3) holiday dinners and lunches on the first two and last two days of the 8-day holiday (4) weeknight dinners via Kosher-on-Fuller. Plus holiday prayers etc. More details and times etc to be posted further down below on this page – and check your emails in the days before Passover.

Passover Schedule at Shabbos House:

Friday, April 15:
Candle-Lighting: 7:19pm
Evening Prayers: 7:30pm
First Seder: 8pm
Seder-within-a-Seder: approx 9:30-10:30pm (abridged 1-hour version)

Sat April 16 – Passover Day 1:

Morning Holiday Prayers:  10:00am
Passover Day #1 Lunch: 1:00pm

Candle-lighting: 8:23pm
Evening Prayers: 8:15pm
Second Seder: 8:30pm
Seder-within-a-Seder, approx 9:30-10:30pm (abridged 1-hour version)

Sunday April 17 – Passover Day 2:

Morning Holiday Prayers:  10:00am
Passover Day #1 Lunch: 1:00pm
Light Meal near end of the Second Day: 7:00pm
First Day of Holidays end on Sunday at: 8:24pm

Monday 4/18 & Wednesday 4/20: “Kosher-on-Fuller” dinner meals by swipe.

Look for Matzah-on-the-Bike one day on campus – stay tuned, Monday, Tues or Wed.

Tuesday April 19: “Torah-Tuesday” at Washington Park (weather-permitting) 6:30pm. Stay tuned for info. Dinner available also at 9pm.

Thursday April 21 – Holiday resumes for last 2 days of 8 day holiday:

Candle-lighting: 7:26pm
Prayers: 8pm
7th Night of Passover Dinner: 8:30pm

Friday April 22 – Passover Day 7:

Holiday Morning Prayers: 10am
Holiday Lunch: 1pm

Candle-lighting: 7:27
Evening Prayers: 8pm
Shabbat & 8th Night Holiday Dinner: 8:30pm

Sat April 23 – 8th & Last Day of Passover:

Shabbat & Holiday Morning Prayers: 10am
Shabbat & Holiday Lunch: 1pm
Light near end-of-holiday “Moshiach Meal”: 7pm
Passover ends at 8:32pm

As costs have risen and some supplies are limited, it is very helpful for us to have some sense of which students will be up here for which parts of the holiday. We made a new RSVP form for Seder Days this weekend RSVP + Passover Weeknights next week. The last form was more vague and for Passover Prep it really helps us to have a better sense of how many to prepare for, especially when it comes to Passover. PLEASE take a minute to fill this out. Thank you! We will have a second form next week for the last two days of Passover.

Some students may be missing a day of classes for travel. or for the Friday that’s the 7th day of Passover, and some may be away more days for holiday with family. It is best to notify professors as early as possible, and we also provide religious letters to explain the holiday schedule and observances. If you need a letter please specify your days needed for using this Passover 2022 LETTERS form. 

More students keeps Kosher on Passover than during the rest of the year. So here’s the scoop. Any dinner or lunch on the first two or last two days of the 8-days of Passover are festive holiday meals and there’s no swipe or charge, those are considered Shabbos House events. The in-between weeknights of Passover on Monday 4/18 and Wednesday 4/20 will be Kosher-on-Fuller swipe nights when students can use discount dollars or meal plans – providing they have opted in for Kosher dining (and if you need help doing that one-step process, please be in touch with us). Tuesday 4/19 will be a Torah-Tuesday, possibly even an outing. Stay tuned! Also Campus Center 518 will have Kosher for Passover lunches provided by Kosher Price Chopper, via a sign-up form.

Shabbos House will once again be offering a handmade round Shmurah Matzah by mail to alumni and friends. Despite some supply issues we did secure a pretty good supply this year, and can send either 3 full size Matzahs or 3 half-size (but Seder requirement size) Matzahs – as supplies last. Please use this Matzah-by-Mail form to sign up. 

See our Passover Collections page with links to all types of things we’ve shared about the Haggadah and Passover: tweets, stories, messages, and more.

Stay tuned for more Passover info…  coming soon!