Click here or see below for the Passover 2021 RSVP signup form and the detailed schedule. 

What makes this Passover different? Well, for one thing, we’re open and hosting this Passover, whereas last year at the start of Corona we were not. And unlike in years before that, we are offering both (two types of) in-person Seders; both the full 3-hour Seder Experience and the 1-hour Seder-To-Go option, plus the Shmurah-Matzah-By-Mail offer to students at home, alumni and parents etc. 

Yes, there are Covid restrictions and guidelines we follow at this time. We do have a max capacity limitation but based on initial responses we should be within our limit for the Seders this year. All attendees must RSVP prior, confirm they do not have symptoms, are not required to quarantine, and that they will comply with masking and distancing requirements at Shabbos House. Windows will be left slightly open for fresh air to circulate. 

Shabbos House will be hosting both Seders, and the first four meals (dinners and lunches) as well as the first two days of the holiday and the same last four meals (dinners and lunches) on the last two days of the holiday. There are also plans for a Torah-Tuesday Passover dinner or picnic (on-campus or at a nearby park) weather-permitting, stay tuned for details on that. We’re also doing a to-go option for local students for Friday pickup before the first Seder (Sat night) and for the 7th night of Passover on the next Friday night. 

Kosher Dining at UAlbany will be offering prepared Kosher meals (especially during the 4 weekday middle days of the Passover holiday) available at the 518Market. Those on the Kosher meal-plan will get these automatically with their weekly signup, we will  look into possibility for those not on the meal plan to get them for Passover. 

Click here or see below for the Passover 2021 RSVP signup form and the detailed schedule. 

Click here for more details and specifics on the last two days of Passover 5781/2021 with Shabbos House, but please use the same form (link above or embedded below).