The 2 holiday parts of the Passover week fall mostly on weekends this year. Many students will be going home for the Seders, but we will be hosting both Seders (and the shorter Seder-within-a-Seder) option plus all the holiday meals on the first two and last two day of the holiday at Shabbos House. RSVPs are helpful, see the online form below.

Kosher Dining at Indian Quad will be koshering for Passover this year. Chef Olga will be cooking from scratch. It’s a great option especially for the 4 intermediate (weekday) days of the holiday called Chol HaMoed, this year Monday through Thursday. UPDATE: This year there will NO charge for students on ANY UAlbany meal-plan to eat Kosher for Passover on Indian Quad. Now Kosher upcharge, no Passover surcharge, just head over to Indian Quad with whatever meal swipe you have. 

See below for Passover meals at Shabbos House signup form and schedule:



PASSOVER 5779/2019 at Shabbos House

Friday 4/19 8-11:30pm

1st SEDER-within-a-Seder
Mon 4/19 9:30-10:30pm

1st Day of Passover Lunch
Sat 4/20 12:30pm

Sat Night 4/20 8:30pm-12am

2nd SEDER-within-a-Seder
Sat 4/20 10pm-11pm

2nd Day of Passover Lunch Sunday 4/21 12:30pm

2nd Day of Passover Dinner Sunday 4/21 at 7pm

Torah-Tues Passover Picnic 4/23 stay tuned for details

Passover Dinner 7th Night Thursday 4/25 8pm

7th Day Passover Lunch
Friday 4/26 12:30pm

8th Night of Passover
Shabbat Dinner 4/26 8:30pm

8th Day of Passover Lunch
Sat 4/27 12:30pm