Going down as a UAlbany group to the mega Chabad on Campus Shabbaton in Crown Heights has been a highlight for the past few years. We look forward to doing the same this year. The Lchaim Board will be our core group but all UAlbany students who’d like to join are very welcome.

All joining must register at www.Pegisha.NYC. The $49 registration fee goes up after October 17th, so please decide by then. If the fee is too expensive please speak to Mendel and Raizy because some subsidies are available. If cost is the issue we can make it happen. 

It’s an incredible weekend. There are hundreds of students, from coming from great distances, a wide array of speakers and presenters, and tons of energy. 

Please speak to Mendel and Raizy or any of the past students who went to get a feel of what it is about, and to answer any questions.