Homecoming is an exciting time at UAlbany with many events and activities planned for alumni, parents and students all weekend long. 

Of course, it’s over Shabbat, so all interested visitors and guests are very welcome to join Jewish life on campus:


Check out UAlbany Kosher Dining at Indian Quad, non-students and those w/o meal plans can pay for Kosher at the cashier. 


Shabbat Candlelighting (only at Shabbos House) before 5:49pm

Prayers 7pm (all denominations in various rooms) in the Campus Center

Shabbat Dinner 8pm by UAlbany Hillel (catered by UAlbany Kosher Dining) in Campus Center Room 375


Minyan 10am at Shabbos House, Lech-Lecha Torah reading with a mid-Minyan Bar-Mitzvah anniversary Kiddush

Shabbat Lunch 12:30pm at Shabbos House, please feel free to come later in the afternoon as well

Shabbat ends at: 6:47pm

Sat Night Havdalah, Pizza/Cafe Night at Shabbos House, 8-9pm. 

SUNDAY 10/21:

Minyan Brunch 10:30am at Shabbos House

Kosher Dining at Indian Quad is also open for lunch and dinner on Sunday, pay for Kosher meal or Kosher meal-plan upgrade available at cashier


Feel free to email us with additional questions, allergy concerns etc. There’s no charge but if you’d like to support our work and help with costs, see our donate page