UAlbany is finally getting back to a more normalized Commencement Weekend this year. We have a series of events here at Shabbos House that weekend that families of students are very welcome!

As it is a smaller graduating class for Jewish UAlbany, and as families will be coming for different days and different times – we’re asking families to please use this Survey/RSVP form for Graduation Weekend 2022 to help us be best prepared.

The schedule below reflects the following: Departmental Graduations will take place all weekend beginning Thursday through Sunday. The Main Commencement Ceremony will be outdoors on Shabbat morning at 10am. It seems that families may come and go all weekend.

at Shabbos House Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center

(The Grad-Party Student Farewell event at Shabbos House will be on Monday, May 9th)

Wed 5/11: Dinner 6:30-8pm
Thurs 5/12: Dinner 6:30-8pm

Friday 5/13: 7pm Pre-Shabbat Reception, Photo-ops; 7:30pm Prayers, 7:51pm Candle-Lighting, 8pm Shabbat Dinner
Shabbat 5/14: 12pm Torah-Reading & Musaf (if we get Minyan); 1pm Shabbat Lunch, 7:45pm end of Shabbat light dinner; 9pm Havdalah

Sunday 5/15: Open House Brunch 11am-2pm