Connect with Jewish Girls across 6 campuses and paint a gorgeous Jewish themed canvas! No artistic experience needed!

7pm June 22nd with Artist Chanie Friedman!

A project of Drexel Chabad,  Chabad at CWRU, Chabad at FGCU, Chabad at UCF, Jewish NSU, and Shabbos House

Note new Meeting ID: 819 6693 1479 (Password: Paintery) See supply list below with links to purchase online. 

Below are links to supplies you’ll need as well as instructions. See below: 
For the paints, each painter will need one of each of the following colors:  
• white
• black
• bright yellow
• bright red
• Royal blue (if not available, dark blue or Mediterranean blue can work)
• espresso 

1) Paints:

(Black and white separately may be sold out. Here is an alternative)

2) Gold Paint (separate from the other colors since it is a metallic):

3) Canvases:

4) Brushes (a few options to choose from):


1) The paint might stain so please protect your work area and your clothing!

2) Please have a cup of water available, and a few paper towels nearby for washing and drying the brushes during the painting process. A few q-tips handy can be helpful, but are optional.

3) Please have a styrofoam or paper plate available before we begin, for the paint.

4) Prepare the attached pomegranate stencil (in advance if possible), and have it available with a pencil to trace at the beginning of the event. See cutting and attaching instructions below.

5) If you have an easel at home, you are welcome to use it. If not, you can either paint on a flat table surface, or you can prop up your canvas against a few books (cover them so they don’t get ruined 😉), or against a box.

6) IMPORTANT: When you sign in to Zoom, please use the name you used when reserving your spot, or the name you typically go by, so that we can “check you in”. Please keep your video on so that we can see you.

7) Painters will all initially be muted but will be able to unmute at any time to ask questions during the session. If you aren’t asking a question, please mute yourself so that we don’t have too much background noise 😊

Zoom ID: 819 6693 1479  Password: Paintery

Instructions for cutting out and attaching the pomegranate:

Pom10x11 download this PDF and cut out as per instructions below to create a stencil for your artwork. 

Page 1: Cut out the crown/pomegranate section and have some tape prepared.

Page 2: Cut out strip A and place it along the right side (vertically and arrow up) of the pomegranate, aligning the grey line to the edge of the pomegranate. Attach with tape (it will be a bit longer than the base of the body of the pomegranate). Cut out the strip labeled B and place it at the base, or bottom, of the pomegranate, horizontally and arrow up, aligning the edge of the pomegranate with the grey line. Attach with tape.

*The paisley designs in the pomegranate can be cut out to use as stencils, once you’ve traced on the pomegranate onto the canvas*