Welcome! The new academic year is upon us and we especially welcome the UAlbany Class of 2020!

The first event of the Fall 2016 semester is  OPENING WEEKEND SHABBAT a great way to break into the Jewish campus community and get a feel of what it’s all about.

(btw, if looking for Kosher, we will have Thursday night dinner open to all students at Shabbos House, starting at 7:30pm as we prepare for Shabbat, no walking groups, just call us if you don’t know how to get here).

Shabbat dinners alternate at UAlbany between Shabbos House-Chabad and UAlbany Hillel, for a great sense of campus community. The first weekend (freshmen or opening or move-in weekend) is at Shabbos House.

Hillel and L’chaim student group leaders will meet new students at the Indian Quad and State Quad Archways to walk over together and learn the way. Some students (now alumni) maintain these memories of walking groups for years to come!

Walking groups will leave the archways on Friday evening at 6:45pm for those interested in prayer services, and 7:45pm for those just interested in Shabbat dinner.

Please note that Res-Life does give permission for students to attend these religious services if it conflicts with hall meetings etc.

(we also have Shabbat Lunch and Minyan etc, all welcome!)

And our second move-in weekend event is the WELCOME FIREPIT on the eve before classes start. We’ll get the fire going on Sunday evening around 7:30pm, walking groups will leave the archways at 7:15pm. The fire and atmosphere should keep going until 10 or 11pm, or maybe even midnight as it did last year. Come to meet people,  enjoy a nibble (we’ll have felafel and corn and hotdogs and s’mores etc) and catch up with new and old friends.

Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating together!