All of Chanukah 2017 falls during Finals Week at UAlbany, hence the Final-ly Chanukah theme. There will be a bunch of ways to celebrate but all lighter (Chanukah pun-intended) and low-key so as not to increase any pressures during this hectic time.

Monday, Dec 11th: Hot Latke Table

11am-2pm outside Campus Center. Free Hot Latkes, Dreidels, Gelt, Menorahs, Candles..

Also, the Chanukah Food Drive! Along with UAlbany Hillel, we’re collecting Kosher non-perishables (pasta, cans, candy bars, etc) to be distributed by the Shalom Food Pantry. You can drop it off at the weekday events below in a bin we have in our lobby at Shabbos House.

Monday Night, Dec 11th: Midnight Breakfast

It’s not quite Chanukah yet, still one day away, but as is our tradition on the eve of Reading Day: light movie, with breakfast foods: pancakes/waffles & ice-cream, breakfast cereals and more… 10pm on Monday until Midnight at Shabbos House

Tuesday, Dec 12th, First Night of Chanukah:

Party at Shabbos House with Menorah, salad bar and soup, delicious homemade Latkes, homemade doughnuts to decorate and more etc. 5:30-8:30pm

Wednesday, Dec 13th:

Look for a “Finals Menorah!” (a test-decorated Menorah) and brief communal lighting with Chanukah treats inside the UAlbany Campus Center 1st Floor Lobby, 5:30pm on the first day of Finals. We moved it indoors due to the dropping temps and bitter winds forecast.

Later that night: Chanukah “Nosh4Finals” To-Go!  Interested in a late night little package delivery outside dorms/libraries? Sign up here!


Thursday, Dec 14th:

7:30pm Shabbos Cooking and Setup Prep at Shabbos House and come by anytime from 7pm onward to light Menorah…

Friday, Dec 15th, Chanukah Shabbat:

6pm Prayers, 7pm Dinner at Shabbos House. Last Shabbat Dinner of the Semester.

Sat, Dec 16th, Chanukah Shabbat Day
– note the schedule changes – 
Shabbos Minyan on Sat at 11:00am, followed by 1:00pm Chanukah Shabbat Lunch at Shabbos House. Then we’ll have Mincha, and a special afternoon Oneg and Farbrengen to culminate with a Yartzeit Maariv and Havdalah at 5:10pm.