Wow, what a Shabbat!

People kept coming in on Friday Night, tables kept filling up, we had to add 4 extra tables! Students were so helpful in getting things set up quickly, welcoming new faces, it was beautiful. Amazing how the food stretched, the atmosphere was awesome and we got to celebrate with such a great crowd.  And it was Rush Week!

Rabbi Mendel talked about Apple’s decision to drop the Headphone Jack and the biblical background to why that port is called Jack… 

Shabbat Day we had a Minyan rather quickly and ended earlier than usual. Despite Clash of the Quads on campus, we had more than two full rows of people (about 7 tables worth) and the Cholent went much more than in recent weeks, almost to the bottom of the pot.

On Shabbos Day Mendel had another tie-in to the Entebbe event from the Egla Arufah portion of the Parsha, this one about responsibility without guilt. 

After Shabbat Lunch, little Rivka insisted that students walk with her to the Fountain, and she had quite a group of guys with her.

And our Pirkei Avos Dingaling Hotline near the end of Shabbat was pretty cool. We had some good “calls” from Fairlawn and New Rochelle, Smithtown and other places. Good discussions!