Our girls came up with this costume idea and put many hours of patient effort and diligent craftsmanship to make this set of “tailored” costumes out of cardboard and brown paper bags. Everything was hand-crafted from these basic materials, from hats to buttons and everything in between!

The idea was born of all the packaging we’ve been doing throughout these months of Corona. (Also, this period of excess packaging (for both to-go and to-stay has us thinking of how Covid has setback whatever small efforts we made to reduce waste, for more on that see this post). 

Covid and all of its restrictions, had us thinking out of the box yet within boxy limitations. It reminds us that useful confines & necessary constructs also have a limitless transformative potential. Like Purim itself, where the miracles are (enclothed) within nature!

As Sara observed: When Chani came up with this idea and had this vision, I thought to myself, cardboard is so plain, so flat, it has no character. But once we started working with it, we realized how much texture it has, and how it can be peeled and formed and shaped and designed in so many interesting ways. It was pretty magical to discover that richness in what seemed so plain. 

For more pictures of these costumes, our family wearing them, and some close-ups of the costume details, see this album of photos on FB which is also viewable via the Photos Tab on our website.