This year we’re doing “The Shabbos House Table – where everyone is in their element!”

Our daughters researched elements that would be fit each person in our family, it made for nice science and great discussion, and they also made sure to have a color to go along with it (which narrowed down the choice of elements). They hand-made vibrantly colored tutu’s to match their colors and ordered our son a big gray onesie online. 

Click on photo to enlarge for better detail. 

Here’s the cast of Rubin family members and how each of our individual elements kind of match us:

Mendel: C – Carbon – (black)
Bonds well with those around
Raizy: B – Boron – (black)
Stable and Strong, Good Intermediate
Chani: Ag – Silver – (lighter silver)
Efficient Energy Conductor, Firm but Flexible
Moshe: In –  Indium – (silvery white)
Maintains Integrity in multiple temps & environments
Sara: Au – Gold – (gold)
gets things going and gives off strength
Chaya L.: Cu – Copper – (copper)
Versatile & Conducive in many applications
Bassie: Bi – Bismuth – (holographic/iridescent)
Multifaceted and works best with others
Bluma: Rh – Rhodium – (rosy pink when liquid)
Unique and useful with high reflections
EM: Cl – Chlorine – (yellow)
Strong, yet readily blends with many others
Rivka: Hs – Hassium – (dark blackish silver)
Creative burst of young and excited energy