Yes, it’s good to be on break, but it’s good to be back! Wonderful to see many friendly student faces, and some new ones, too. It’s a great feeling to keep adding tables as more groups come in. Many thanks to all the students who came out, special thanks to AEPI for coming out in force, and to those students for whom it was their first time, hope you enjoyed and keep coming back. For a large contingent of very active regulars, this is their final semester at UAlbany and we’re going to most the most of having them here! 

We got to hear about all the exotic and ordinary things people did over winter break, whether it was a intersession study in Japan or enjoying the wild side of Cancun, meaningful study at yeshiva in Israel and what they enjoyed most or getting a taste of the land on Birthright, or waiting tables at a restaurant back home. Internships, jobs, or just chilling for a few weeks with family and friends. 

Students asked questions about bidding for communal honors on Shabbos (which became our short Law and Order class before the prayers), how different Orthodox groups view Zionism, and other stuff. 

It was real nice to have Moshe home for Shabbos from studying in Yeshiva in New Haven. Short visit but great to see him. 

Friday Night Mendel spoke about two sides to Frogs, and over Shabbat Lunch about Torah in your own voice

Shabbat Day we had a solid Minyan, got to take our two Torahs because it was Rosh Chodesh. Seth led the Shacharit, Grant did Haftorah and AJ did Musaf. Johnny W. got the first aliyah (we did have Marc C. as Kohain for Mincha) in honor of his grandfather’s yartzeit. After a packed Friday Night, Lunch was smaller, but very nice with a great buffet.