When it rains it pours! A double-simcha! May joyous occasions and generous blessings rain down on all of us…

(1) On Friday (May 27th) the day after Lag B’Omer, Mendel’s youngest brother Motti Rubin got engaged to Chana’leh Paltiel of Crown Heights, one of our daughter Mushky’s closest friends!

(2) Two days later, on Sunday (May 29th) Raizy’s youngest brother Mendel Galperin announced his engagement to Cheyena Gansburg from Florida.

And they are both celebrating their Lchaim-engagement parties on the very same night in Crown Heights! What are the odds!

On Sunday Night May 29th, we’ll be shuttling between these two parties (about 5-6 blocks apart).

at “F.R.E.E.” 1383 President Street, between Kingston and Brooklyn Avenues
Our plan is to be at the Galperins between 9-10pm and again after 11pm.

at “The Shul” 481 Albany Avenue, between Empire and Lefferts Blvds.
Our plan is to be at the Rubins from 8-8:45pm, and from 10:15-11pm.

May we celebrate many Simchas, in good health and much happiness. May everyone be blessed!