The end of this week (Ki Sisa)’s Torah portion describes the radiance emanating from Moshe after his return from Mt Sinai on Yom Kippur, after successfully advocating in defense of the Jewish people after the Golden Calf. This beams of light were mistakenly construed by Michaelangelo to mean horns, and that became a crazy stereotype of its own. No, Jews do not have horns!

Interesting though. Moses wasn’t shining when he came down the first time. It wasn’t Torah that made him shine, light up, look radiant, it was his advocacy to defend the Jewish people, it was his love for the Jewish people. 

Here’s a dating tip: When going out with someone, take note what it takes for them to light up, to be radiant. What makes them sparkle? What do they brighten up about? It can be telling sign as to what it is most important to them, what they cherish, what brings out the best in that person. 

There’s a story of a major Shabbos House building donor who once happened to be at a campus event. When talking with a Jewish student there, they talked about a bunch of things on campus and when he mentioned Shabbos House he noticed how the student lit up. And that’s why he decided to support Shabbos House!

It is our hope and wish that students here continue to brighten up and are radiant about Jewish community, Jewish life, Torah and Mitzvot…