For some reason this week I’ve been researching the water-cycle. And I realized something about Graduation: 

The water-cycle is this amazing journey of water through alternating stages of solid, liquid and gas, from evaporation to condensation, and back again to precipitation. Water keeps flowing, always moving (except when as ice) onward on it’s continuous journey that’s been repeating ever since the beginning of time.

I learned this in my explorations this week:It is far better for water to have more and varied stops on its journey, than for runoff to just flow down pavement into a storm sewer line and then out to sea. It is far better for it to pass through mountainsides and valleys, down streams and through rocks.

Some students kind of pass through their college years. They do their thing and get out. And then there are students who make all kinds of stops, they invest time and energy in interactions and experiences, in relationships and people. The water-cycle seems to tell us that the college student making more stops and dealing with all that he/she encounters is much richer for it.

And while they are on their own journey, think of what they’ve accomplished at all the stops they made! Like the water that flows down the mountainside and through creeks and streams, think of how its surroundings benefited and how much grew and blossomed and was nourished because of the water coming through. Same with this class of seniors, a group of students especially invested in Jewish life on campus, who did not just rush past but stopped and gave of themselves and invested of their time and talent and ability… 

Look at how much they’ve nourished our Jewish campus life! Look at how much they’ve helped our community blossom and grow! 

Thank you!