It so happens that the daily study-cycle of #1ChapterRambam completed the Book of Acquisitions, unit on Servants/Slavery, on the very same day that Elon Musk is said to have sent the demanding “hardcore” letter to remaining not-yet-fired employees at Twitter after Musk’s overpriced acquisition of the company – hence this thought:

First the main message of this closing paragraph (Servants 9): just because we could doesn’t mean we should. There’s legal right & technical ability vs. what’s just, moral & ideal. It’s hard for some to differentiate, & doesn’t make our world a better place.

Remember, this #1ChapterRambam text (Servants 9) is about slaves not employees, but the messages are all the more true:

Not to bear excessive pressure, nor cause them distress, not to humiliate them with either actions or words, not to shout or speak angrily, instead to speak with them gently & listen to their concerns/claims – all this (& more!) in closing paragraph of Book of Acquisitions, unit on Servants, studied in daily study cycle of #1ChapterRambam on same day of hardcore letter sent to remaining Twitter employees.

Look, personally, we push ourselves and go beyond the norm and expected. But in applying, expecting and imposing this on the lives of others – is a totally different matter. The juxtaposition of the news of this letter (and its accompanying background) and the study of this  paragraph of Rambam on the very same day is certainly good food for thought!