At Shabbos Lunch of Parsha Noach, we went “around the table” with each student sharing something that helps them stay afloat in times of pressure or stress, when they feel overwhelmed. What are some of your coping mechanisms?

Laundry! Why laundry? Because in between the loads and all that wait time, I have to wait around anyways, and have time to think and sort out all the stuff that needs sorting out in my head.

Taking a walk. It clears the mind, helps you think, gives a breather. 

Long conversations with family and friends. I like talking things through and its nice to be able to feel close even at a distance.

The gym is good for me. I like to work out and let it all out.

Speaking to my mom is key. 

I have this 5-minute Yoga routine that does wonders for me. It gets me back in physical and mental shape to take it all on.

Self-care is important. No matter how pressing the deadlines or what needs to get done, if I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed I first get myself back where I need to be and then tackle the task.

I like to shop!

Netflix is my thing. 

I need to keep busy when I get stressed. One thing is I come here to Shabbos House to help out before Shabbos or before events and it helps me a lot.

Sports is great, it helps me release a lot. Playing sports. 

Music does a lot for me.

I got into boxing. Another student did it last year, and now I do it and it helps me, too.

Lists, I like to make detailed lists and check things off and get through things in an organized way. It’s so rewarding to see things crossed off a list as they get done. 

Knowing my strengths and my limits helps me “budget” for what I can or can’t do. I don’t live by other people’s expectations, only my own. This helps me avoid getting into a lot of stressful overwhelming situations in the first place.

Naps are good. Lying down, getting some sleep, helps me refresh and be more invigorated.

Watching TV. 

Reading books do it for me. It’s a little escape, but keep my mind working.