TBH, most years I focus on the Shofar’s inner-core and connective properties, especially as seen in a Chassidic light. See our post Modern Shofar Meditations for Shofar thoughts in that vein.

But this year, Rosh Hashanah 5783/2022, the Shofar hit different for me. Unlike other years, I paid more attention to the “Kra Satan” (tear/break Satan) acrostic of the verses recited just before Shofar in the Machzor liturgy. This year I thought more about the Shofar’s piercing cry, breaking out, cutting through all types of barriers and obstacles.

The broken sounds of the Shofar felt like a jack-hammer, repeatedly pounding, crushing, banging, breaking the concrete-like boundaries and limitations, whatever blockages we face. Indeed as the Machzor’s own Shofar meditation tells us “to tear asunder the screen and accusers which separate the people of Israel and G-d…”

The Shofar can be seen a noisy disrupter. We have a lot to break-through, may the Shofar help us clear that pathway.