This year (5781/2021), Shabbat Pinchas is on July 3rd, sandwiched between July 2nd which commemorates the vote on the (Lee) Resolution (the act) of Independence and July 4th which celebrates the Declaration (the explanation) of Independence.

So, too, the end of last week’s Parsha Balak has the bold decisive act of Pinchas akin (by way of analogy) to the resolution vote on July 2nd to sever all ties with England & declare independence.

But that act needed to be articulated, explained & expressed going forward, that’s the purpose of the Declaration of Independence, its writing & edits approved after 2 days of debate on July 4th, akin (by way of analogy) to the declaration of a Covenant of Peace bestowed upon Pinchas, (at start of Parsha Pinchas) for him & descendants, going forward.

Using the language of Chassidus you might say, the Chochma (initial spark, transcending revelation) of July 2nd needed the furthering and follow-up with the Binah (understanding, articulation, expression, bringing it down into detail etc) of July 4th.

As this Shabbat Pinchas falls between these 2 dates, with July 4th buzz as a background for many, may we use this inspiration to seek ways to articulate sentiments into action-plans, translate ideals into reality, to capture and to maximize, bring it down into our world and in our lives… not just dazzling one-time fireworks that burst forth & fade away.