Here’s the story behind our family costume at UAlbany Purim 2018:

The theme is “Jewish Frame of Mind” and its supposed to mimic those overlays, adornments, ribbons or filters people use to frame their social media profile pictures (for a cause or for a special occasion or affiliation with an issue).  Each of us had a different Mitzvah overlay, be it Shabbat candles or Tefillin, love of one’s fellow or Jewish melody, etc.

The idea is that in addition to a Mitzvah being a commandment, observance or good deed, it is also creates a frame of mind. Each Mitzvah is a unique lens or filter through which we connect to G-d in that specific way, its a perspective by which we view the world, and how we connect with other people. Each Mitzvah has a flavor and focus that colors and enriches…

Yes, Raizy made them all out of felt. And yes, we did brainstorm and argue and debate quite a bit before settling happily on this idea. And this year there are eight of us this year, because our son Moshe is away in Yeshiva in Baltimore MD, and our oldest Mushky and her husband Moishe live down in Florida (where they dressed up too, in their own theme).

Photo Credit: Michael Apollo