This last week in May 2020 pre-Shavuot letter is from our regional Chabad-Lubavitch office:

Dear participants of our Capital District Communities,

Many weeks have passed since we began sheltering in place. Although physically isolated from one another, we remain spiritually and virtually connected.

We are all eager to resume normal routines, but we must take careful steps and weigh any move against the Safek Pikuach Nefesh (possible danger to life) that such decisions represent.

We follow the guidance of the OU and Agudah directives, and personally attended the webinar featuring the Senior Dayan and Posek Rav Yehoram Ulman who strongly advised Shluchim/Chabad Houses to ‘remain closed for a minimum of two weeks from their jurisdiction’s Phase I opening date.’ For us, that means being closed through the Shavuot Holiday, although that precludes us from hearing the very important Aseres Hadibros (10 Commandments) Torah reading.

Therefore, during the first phase of Governor Coumo’s multi-phase reopening of the Capital Region that began May 20, area Chabad Houses will remain closed for any on-site services, classes and programs.

This Shavuot we will all receive the Torah anew within our own homes, read the 10 Commandments from a Chumash, and personally recommit ourselves to Torah. 

As each Region begins an assessment of the situation during the phases of reopening, which according to the governor’s plan will not be before June 3, we will soon be in a better position to determine when and how services can resume. 

Meanwhile, all Chabad Houses continue to offer many outreach services, highlighting the upcoming Shavuot Holiday when we receive the Torah. Please take advantage of these creative activities and let’s virtually connect and celebrate together.

We join in prayer in asking G-d to heal and protect all mankind and to express our gratitude for all those who have been healed and those who are healthy.

On behalf of all Capital Region Shluchim & Shluchos we extend our blessings for a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful Shavuot.

Rabbi Yisroel Rubin
Chabad of the Capital District