We’re beginning Passover later in the season this year (2016) in the shadow of one of the most interesting and unusual presidential primaries (Tuesday April 19th), in the midst of a very unique election cycle, to say the least.

Like the Matzah, we’re split down the middle or crumbling in all directions, with matters hard to digest and absorb, half-baked dough on our backs as we embark into unknown waters. Like the biblical Paschal offering, you can only participate if you are pre-registered with that specific party.

By the time we sit down to enjoy Matzah at our Seders, New York State (rarely in play) will have been won or lost, or combination thereof, counting up delegates or counting down to conventions – as Jews count the days of the Omer starting with the second Seder.

“Shmurah” literally means watched, and more eyes (even the apathetic) are on this election with its many unexpected twists & turns.

Hence, our Matzah (food of faith) matters! This is not to say you should only vote for candidates who visit Matzah factories 😉  Our eating Matzah on the Seder night is a vote for our heritage, for our collective memory, for our people, for our future…