Passover is eternal! It is everlasting! We keep it from generation to generation! Of course… But due to Erev (day before) Pesach of 2021 falling on Shabbat there are some slight but significant calendar changes this year. 

3/25: Fast & Siyum of the Firstborn is moved up to Thursday morning. 

3/25: Search for Chametz is on Thursday night this year  or if you are leaving your home/dorm and intending to return mid-Passover then do the search on the night before you leave. Putting out 10 pieces is customary, but we do the search with a blessing regardless. Traditionally we use a candle, but a phone-flashlight is Kosher and best in a dorm (or other such) situation. The Kol Chamira nullification declaration said after the search is said on Thursday night as well.

3/26: Friday morning burn and sell your Chametz before 11:57am (this is Albany-time, if you are elsewhere check your Halachic times on You can sell your Chametz online (best to do it a few days earlier) at’s Chametz Sale Form page or with us or with your local Rabbi. Nullification of Chametz is not said until Shabbos morning & we may continue to eat Chametz until early on Shabbos morning.

3/27: The Challah of Shabbos Lunch must be eaten Albany-time prior to 10:55am of course check the for your local time (Shacharit prayers will be much earlier than usual). All leftovers and crumbs etc should be flushed. The 2nd Kol Chamirah nullification (usually said along with the burning) is said prior to 11:57am.

3/27: YomTov Candle-Lighting and start of Seder begins after Shabbos ends at 7:58pm Albany-time. Every year the Seder (at least its essential components) should be started after dark, but especially this year with Shabbat just before it. Being Shabbat until then, Seder preparations should be done either before Shabbat or after it ends. This makes Sat night a bigger rush and hassle, and gives us more work to do on Friday, but actually will make the afternoon before the Seder, Shabbat afternoon, all the more calm and relaxing (maybe even time for a nice long nap). 

The next time Erev Pesach falls on Shabbat will be in 2025 and then again in 2045!

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