Many have asked about our response to the very disturbing anti-Israel words on the pristine snowy fountain this morning. Since early this morning we have been in touch with the University administration, University Police, and Jewish student leaders and other campus organizations, students and alumni. Although the University quickly cleaned it away that does not wash away the dismay, pain and hurt we feel. We’ve been at UAlbany for 22 years and it is so sad and disappointing and unusual to see such hateful negativity on this campus. Such language should have no place here. Words are powerful and when abused they are destructive. Thankfully and hopefully this does not reflect the greater UAlbany campus community. The act of one or a few should not overshadow all the tolerance, mutual respect and understanding on this campus. Tonight we met with many student leaders to discuss appropriate responses. While we must stand up to darkness and hate, the Rebbe always encouraged us to focus mostly on increasing light and positivity. In a nutshell, we’re thinking two thoughts: #NoHateUAlbany and #KeepUAlbanyPositive.

You can also view Rabbi Mendel’s 11/20/2019 interview with Spectrum News at this link