The front page New York Times image of two women saying Psalms in prayer for those missing and buried under the layers of rubble in the nearby Surfside Champlain Tower South building collapse is both beautiful and heartbreaking. 

There are so many layers of meaning in this powerfully simple photo. 

It’s a small world (not in a happy way), as we have friends who have friends and family in that building – missing. As the days unfolded, we realized more layers of connection – no six degrees of separation. Let’s keep them and their families in our prayers, let’s each do a mitzvah, an extra good deed, in their honor.

Some of the especially heartfelt online clips that touched us in different ways: The words used, the sentiments shared, how it is said – there’s a lot of heartbreaking tragic beauty even in all this sadness: 

The Father and Son hoping for their wife/mother interview with Anderson Cooper

The Mayor of Surfside describing the Psalms of a Young Girl

CNN Interview with an IDF commander coming out of the search inside the rubble

Praying for a miracle for those trapped, their families and the families of the victims, and for the survivors to rebuild their lives anew – and for everyone affected by this tragedy. 

See also our piece connecting the Surfside Collapse with the 17th of Tammuz, and the message of structural integrity and support in our lives.