It so happens in on the day we happened to see two beautiful music videos, one was an hour long the other was a couple of seconds long, one from a few states away and the other from across the ocean. Each in their own way, both shared the ability of music to transcend, to overcome, to shine above distance, obstacles, difficulties and challenges…


Many of you may have seen the bittersweet, uplifting video (click on title above) of a man who literally lost the roof of his home to the tornado, sits in the corner of the still existing house (remarkable how the books still are in place on the bookshelves) playing piano as if – despite – the loss and upheaval. It’s  a tremendous lesson on how not to lose ourselves in a time of disaster, how to keep focus on what matters most, how beauty is possible even amidst destruction.


Yigal Calek is a talented choirmaster (perhaps also a composer) of a Jewish choir in London England, called “The London School of Jewish Song” going back to the 1970’s. Theirs was among the classic Jewish albums of our youth, the London School had some beautiful compositions, but hasn’t produced albums in quite a long time. I came across this beautiful video (click on header above) of a reunion these now-grown choir boys had on Chanukah with their former choirmaster. So many years passed in between, they were all grown men, likely grandfathers themselves, and Yigal appears to be in his 80’s, and it seems after recovery from an illness. They are re-singing the same songs from the 1970’s, with every twist and nuance.

Obviously their faces and voices have changed, but in some ways, it is as if 40-50 years evaporated, and there they are again, him leading, them singing, nothing changed. Such is the power of teachers and students, of a memorabnle relationship, the long-lasting resonance of that which we learn and acquire in our youth and the special way how music can be a time-machine. Decades can go by, so much of life can change, and then you are right back there again, nothing has changed.