This post comes off a short tweet thread I wrote after meeting this motorcyclist at a long stoplight a few days before the Shavuot holiday of 5781/2021:

A well-endowed motorcycle, loaded with suitcase & bag compartments pulled up alongside me at a red light on the corner of Manning & Western (Route 20) in Albany NY. I asked him, “Where are you headed?” He opened his helmet visor and replied: “California”. Pointing behind him >
> he introduces his wife on a second, similar motorcycle, also loaded up with attached compartments & secured luggage. They will be traveling for 3 months on bike, their plan is to never use a highway… and then the light turned green and off they roared, westward!
Everything (can be) is a spiritual life lesson, taught the #BaalShemTov, especially if its something we see or hear ourselves. It is meaningful that I encountered this adventurous journeying duo in the last days of the #Omer count, in the week leading up to #Shavuot.
Fastest way to California, of course, is to fly. If you must drive, interstate highway are faster than county roads. But to savor the journey, to experience each town & village, to see them as more than a blur or name on a roadsign – this couple’s motorcyle trip does just that.

Exodus (#Passover) to Sinai (#Shavuot) is a step-by-step process, personal & communal growth, the journey itself is significant, not just the destination or speed towards arrival. Hence, we count the #Omer, one day (or night) at a time, endowing each day & step with meaning.