On the Shabbat before Sukkot we shared some perspective learned from UAlbany Mascot Lil ‘D a few years ago.

Here’s the link to the time when Mendel put on Lil ‘D’s head and learned that you see through it’s mouth so they only way (for the human inside the mascot costume) to look forward is for the big dog’s costume head to look upwards.

This is a great Sukkot message! In order to look forward at a great semester and year ahead, we must first look upwards, look up at the Schach, look heavenward inside our Sukkah! 

But wait – students never heard of Lil ‘D! They have never seen this silly, goofy, friendlier mascot at games or university activities. They only know Damien the Mascot. Has Lil ‘D been discontinued? And if yes, why? We’ll have to look into this further…