Another tweet-storm that developed an interesting visual parable for (aspects of) an abstract lofty Chassidic concepts. Here’s the thread (or the scoop!): 

This #Shavuot I realized how (certain aspects of) the Kabbalistic sequence of spiritual worlds can be visualized in an #icecream cone. See thread below (a thread itself is reference to “hishtalshelut” chain & sequence of spiritual worlds & levels).

First think of the ice cream itself as the light & the cone as the vessel. The former is fleeting & less tangible but contained and manageable through the cone vessel. The heaping crown of ice cream above the cone is #Keter higher & before vessels begin.

That first uppermost rim where ice cream and cone first meet is like the highest world of #Atzilut where vessels first emerge. But the cone is still at its widest most open point, it is still more ice cream than cone.

Indeed, at the #icecream cone level of #Atzilut even though the cone is present (the vessel has emerged) the primary focus remains ice cream, not cone. You know that smoothing with the tongue where it meets the rim.

And as the cone narrows as it extends downwards, so it is with the chain of the descent of the worlds. The continuous narrowing of the cone, its gradual increasingly constriction allows for less and less ice cream, or less spiritual light as it descends. 

As we eat our way down the cone, cone becomes much more of a focus. We get more & more preoccupied with the integrity of the cone, cracks in it, and how well it’s holding up. The worlds of #Beriah & #Yetzirah still are full of light/ice cream but are much more about vessel/cone.

But its always a disappointment not to find #icecream in the narrow hollow on the bottom of the cone. The goal of the chain of the spiritual worlds is for the light to reach all the way down to the lowest point, anything less disappoints the whole chain.

Indeed, there’s special satisfaction (& element of surprise) to find good dose of ice cream wedged down in the very bottom of the cone – perhaps even more satisfying & rewarding than the apparent & obvious ice cream crown atop the cone!

In fact, some pre-prepared cones (like the paper wrapped Nutty Buddy’s) tuck inside a luscious chunk of chocolate all the way at the bottom of the cone. 

This is all the more true many times over with the Divine cosmic Will that is especially found & expressed in the lowest world! There are spiritual opportunities (albeit hidden & challenging) to be found down here at the lowest point that are inaccessible in higher loftier realms…

Now, of course there’s sugar cones & unsweetened cones. The vessels of the #Sefirot in the chain of spiritual worlds can be seen both ways, but preferably sweet bcuz not only are vessels merely a handle/container, they also add their own flavors & benefits to the Divine light.