Before describing our Shabbos of Gimmel Tammuz 5782/2022 (the Rebbe’s yartzeit), what happened here on Sat Night might be most telling for Rebbe’s yartzeit.

My parents home/Chabad House is the main office for regional Chabad & its first local address. After spending Shabbos here, we were about to get into the car, when a man approached in hospital garb, hand in sling, hospital socks, saying his name is Moshe, he’s from out of state, was in a car accident, has no phone or wallet on him, was just discharged from hospital, didn’t know where to go, so he just asked to be taken to Chabad.

Which is why we met on Sat Night outside my parents home. We got him set up with Havdalah, some food & a ride home. And on Gimmel Tammuz no less, a testatment to Rebbe making Chabad a household & familiar go-to address, for anyone anywhere, like family.